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For just $20.00 per month~ YOU can be part of an exciting club that actually shows YOU "How to MAKE MONEY!" 

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Actually LEARN How to Make MONEY


We will show YOU "How to MAKE HUGE PROFITS


Attend our CLASSROOM in person or online and LEARN HOW to EXPAND YOUR LIFE and your pocketbook! We know HOW to use "Other People's Money" and are experts in restoring your credit, as well as finding YOU the finances to expand YOUR BUSINESS as well as your LIFE!



Within a few weeks with a 650+ to 850 Fico Score, we can have YOU FUNDED! All YOU need is 2-3 major credit cards (NOT debit cards) and be a U.S. citizen. If your credit needs restoring- We can help with this too! JOIN our CLUB today, let's get started! YOU must have a CashAPP account

About Us

Supporting Your Business


We are all about LIFE, business and your future. We will structure your outline on each within weeks and have YOU on a path towards success!

Combined Experience


We are a GTHT Company and have been in business since 1985. We have the expertise to help YOU in any type of business that YOU choose. From fixing and flipping homes and commercial properties, to the ownership of racehorses and mini shopping malls!

Service and Reliability


And we do this ALL for just $20.00 per month! We make sure that YOU make money while learning how to keep the money that YOU make! To get started making money with our downline system- Just begin by signing yourself up for $90.00 (one-time fee) You will receive your $20.00 back once you've signed up your first new individual on CashAPP!


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Expanding LIFE

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

PAY by the CashAPP only, with any major credit/debit card associated with your CashAPP account -

                 Straight into the GTHT Investors acct:

                                                    "Dennis Cesario GTHT"

       Make sure to include the name of the individual who 

                             SIGNED YOU UP on the CashAPP? 

YOU are responsible for your Monthly Dues every month on the day that YOU joined. There is a 10-day grace period each month for YOU to PAY. After that day- Your Club Membership will cease and all club activities will end, to include any classroom instruction, financing or ownership. 

Please READ the section BELOW before JOINING! 


After the FIRST month of $90.00 - Please PAY $20.00 with your CashAPP account to: "Dennis Cesario GTHT" every month thereafter. All commission money to YOU will be PAID on the 10th of every month through CashAPP. 

Let's Make Some MONEY!


Social Media Bonanza!!

How many failed attempts have YOU gone through, trying to make money online? Join our club and get others to join and see how much money that YOU can make in just one day? A week? A month? There are times that YOU get on social media~ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Just goofing around! Why not make MONEY at it?

Your $20.00 Monthly Club Dues

Let's SEE where YOUR club dues go? $50.00 comes directly back to And $20.00 is out there ready for YOU to grab! Our has TWO Levels~ That FIRST Level, anytime that YOU bring in a NEW Club Member: $50.00 is yours! And anytime that THEY (this NEW Club Member) brings in a NEW Club Member: $20.00 is yours!! Stay-at-home moms (dads), this should be great for YOU! Let's get started with sending $90.00 to "Dennis Cesario GTHT" with your CashAPP account!


Let's do the MATH? If YOU sign up 20 NEW Club Members @ $50.00 = $1000.00 That's not much money? But if YOU can help these 20 NEW Club Members "each" sign up 20 NEW Club Members @ $20.00 = $8,000.00! And with every Club Member paying their $20.00 Monthly Club Dues~ YOU will make $2,000.00 from $5.00 of their membership dues each and every month!! 

AGAIN? When YOU sign up a NEW Club Member: YOU receive $5.00 from their Monthly Dues each and EVERY MONTH! When THEY sign up a NEW Club Member! 

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!! Sign up as many Club Members as YOU want! Each person that they sign up is worth $2.00 to YOU Monthly! And $5.00 Monthly if YOU sign up Club members!! Every time that a Club Member PAYS their Monthly Dues~ YOU get PAID!! Every 10th of each month from the previous month's business.

Learning is the KEY!

During the course of each month, YOU will LEARN How to Make "MORE" Money that YOU'VE EVER TOUCHED or SEEN before!! Keep signing up NEW Club Members and earn either $50.00 who you sign up or $20.00 from whomever THEY sign up~ LEARN online or at our Joliet location. has made this location to look like a home. 

In-Person or Online Techniques

We will be ready to begin TEACHING during July of 2019 with new classes! Check out our updated SCHEDULE on this website for more details! 


GTHT Investors has been in business since 1985! Coming up on 35 years in 2020! YOU can Make MONEY from the comfort of your own home or if you live near Chicago~ YOU can come into our Joliet location! Within the first six months` YOU will learn all about How to Go into Business legally and MAKE A PROFIT! To learning about credit card debt; Making MONEY while SLEEPING! To learning how NOT to fail. Why YOU should NEVER get into these money per click schemes! Getting YOUR friends and people that YOU know online is the KEY! Are YOU ready to GET STARTED? PAY your first Monthly Dues of $90.00 ABOVE..